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Id15 – Remix Culture

The remix I chose to do was a picture collage. I chose to put images of all my favorite places and all of my most remembered places. All of these places are from south-central LA and within 10 minutes from my house. I included GameStop because it’s of walking distance for me and where I get my games. I also added la carreta taqueria and tams because those were my favorite places to eat at as a kid. I added a car wash at Florence because it’s the one I always would go to. I added the swapmeet because that’s where we used to eat and get our clothes from and I added the numero uno market since it is a very iconic market here. Lastly, I added the picture of call of duty black ops 2 and the main character for an anime called Tokyo ghoul. I added these because I love call of duty and anime. 

None of my images were copyrighted so it was ok for me to use. I obtained all of my images from google and some of them I took myself. I used the Snapchat tool which let me cut whatever I highlight and then I edited the cut images onto one image, which was the tams picture. I think copyright is a good thing sometimes. Some people don’t understand the idea about not copying others, but if they make their own versions, like a remix of a certain song then it’s fine. 


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