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Artist Conversation #5

Artist: Kiyomi Fukui Media: Indisciplinary art Gallery: Somewhere in Highland Park? Website: Instagram: @kiyomimis The name of this artist is Kiyomi Fukui. Her art can be found on her website mentioned above. Kiyomi’s art is very beautiful and special to her. Her art is very representative of her. In other words, it is mostlyContinue reading “Artist Conversation #5”

Artist Conversation #4

Artist: Sienna Brown Exhibition: Product of the Palette Media: Representational and Abstract Art Gallery: Family Owned Studio at the Garden Grove Website: Instagram: @siennabrowneart This is Sienna Browne’s art gallery. She has a family that owns a studio at Garden Grove, where she will be holding an exclusive art show, showing off all ofContinue reading “Artist Conversation #4”

Idea 8 – Romantic Pop Song

I took AP Spanish Literature in High School, where I studied Romanticism. The first thing that came to mind was a poem by cuban poet, Jose Maria Heredia. His poem was called “En Una Tempestad” which in English is called “The Hurricane”. I was thinking about the amazingness of nature and how human kind isContinue reading “Idea 8 – Romantic Pop Song”