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Artist Conversation #4

Artist: Sienna Brown

Exhibition: Product of the Palette

Media: Representational and Abstract Art

Gallery: Family Owned Studio at the Garden Grove


Instagram: @siennabrowneart

This is Sienna Browne’s art gallery. She has a family that owns a studio at Garden Grove, where she will be holding an exclusive art show, showing off all of her work throughout the years. She is a senior at CSULB and she will graduate next semester. She wants to become an art teacher because she feels as if many art teachers now arent as excited about art as they should be. Her art is mostly representational and very personal. However, she has recently started to do and enjoy abstract art. She hopes to one day inspire many kids and help kids express their innermost feelings and ideas. Throughout the years Sienna battled an eating disorder and many other obstacles that heavily impacted her life. She used her art to demonstrate her issues and feelings.

In her art gallery, she is going to have a lot of different types of art made out of and with different things. One of the art pieces she will have up for show is the ‘Ultraviolet Triptych’. This art piece is the one she had the most fun in because the things she used to make it, essentially a glow in the dark paint made it so much fun for her. She painted three eight-foot-tall mixed media paintings that glowed in the dark. The pictures show above show how aesthetically pleasing they look as the colors are very vibrant and colorful. The colors remind me of a scene from Moana when she goes underground with the monsters and everything is super fluorescent. Sienna has always been a very colorful person, meaning that she loves colors and colorful things in general. The colors she enjoys are mostly bright. She stated that colors often associated with surrealism, such as purple, red, yellow, etc. 

Apart from having very colorful and cool looking art, she also has some art that she created when she was going through her eating disorder. When she first showed us the piece she made with the sushi rolls I thought of the eating disorder she mentioned before. She then told us how she created that without having the intent or inspiration from her eating disorder, but rather somewhere in her conscious she used it, without her being aware of it. Some of her art hits very personally to her. She has some art about the food and a piece of a very skinny girl. She has skinny arms and she looks sad. She states these are her style, but not her concrete vision. 

In sum, I really like her art gallery. I think Sienna will become very successful in the future, and if it doesn’t come to that, she will inspire people to use their life to inspire their art, which will inspire others. I admire how open she was to the whole class about her eating disorder and her father passing away. I really like her art because of the intent behind them and for the uniqueness of them. 


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