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Id15 – Remix Culture

The remix I chose to do was a picture collage. I chose to put images of all my favorite places and all of my most remembered places. All of these places are from south-central LA and within 10 minutes from my house. I included GameStop because it’s of walking distance for me and where I get my games. I also added la carreta taqueria and tams because those were my favorite places to eat at as a kid. I added a car wash at Florence because it’s the one I always would go to. I added the swapmeet because that’s where we used to eat and get our clothes from and I added the numero uno market since it is a very iconic market here. Lastly, I added the picture of call of duty black ops 2 and the main character for an anime called Tokyo ghoul. I added these because I love call of duty and anime. 

None of my images were copyrighted so it was ok for me to use. I obtained all of my images from google and some of them I took myself. I used the Snapchat tool which let me cut whatever I highlight and then I edited the cut images onto one image, which was the tams picture. I think copyright is a good thing sometimes. Some people don’t understand the idea about not copying others, but if they make their own versions, like a remix of a certain song then it’s fine. 


Artist Conversation #5

Her greenthumb project
Her project with the cranes and her father
The thumb of her mother

Artist: Kiyomi Fukui Media: Indisciplinary art Gallery: Somewhere in Highland Park? Website: Instagram: @kiyomimis

The name of this artist is Kiyomi Fukui. Her art can be found on her website mentioned above. Kiyomi’s art is very beautiful and special to her. Her art is very representative of her. In other words, it is mostly autobiographical art. Her art is good spirited and gives off nice and pleasant energy. Her art is representational of her in the sense that she is all about being open to people and having conversations with people and being a friendly good person. Her art is very much the same as her way of being. Some of her art revolves around both of her parents. One of them is a very beautiful project, where she grew plants out of her mother’s molded thumb, and the other project was about her dad and how their relationship has been and how they haven’t always understood each other.

In her art projects, she did some projects about her parents. Her father is Korean but lived in Japan without citizenship. Japan has a term for Koreans who live in Japan because of the history between both people during a time of war. Her dad and her never really saw eye to eye. But she wanted to understand humanity through his eyes and she made a bunch of origami cranes our of conversation papers. Her father sent her an essay explaining to her his views and it broke her heart to understand how her father views the world and why he is the way he is. Another one of her projects is about her mother when she had passed away. She felt very broken as most people would feel. She took a mold of her mother’s thumb and mixed it with her thumb, which is the same one, and planted seeds in them to symbolize the idea of rebirth. Other pieces of her art revolve around people gathering together and talking to each other and getting to know others, which I think is great. 

Her art is something to look up to. Apart from being an artist, she is a person who tries to get others to really talk about their feelings and socialize with each other. I think that her art is a healthy thing to really talk about and go through during this time of isolation. Her art is very personal to her and can really resonate with other people. Since her art is mostly made out of simple things and with live people participating there isn’t much color in her art. My most favorite art project is the one about her parents because I know of people that have gone through what Kiyomi has gone through and I think that my friends would really enjoy her art projects. 

In sum, I really enjoyed her coming into class and talking to us about her personal life and the art she has done and the type of art she likes to do. I would say her art is a very good way to help people release stress and release any negative energy that they have built up. I admire her work as it is made for people to participate and socialize with each other, which is a very important thing to humans and also helps with peoples’ mental health. 

Id14 – Graffiti

This is my attempt at graffiti art. I really enjoyed it. Im not as creative as others so I didn’t know what else to add to the background. I took some inspiration from the graffiti at the corner of my block. My neighbor painted over the gang tags and drew some cool things about our community. I autographed this because I know people autograph theres which I think is pretty cool. I enjoyed doing the south central one. It just seemed very cool to draw it like that.

I wasn’t going to color my name at first because I really like black and white, but it seemed hard to do it all black and white and make it look cool so I decided to add some color. I added a crown at the top of the I in my name because im a damn king. This was a very pleasant experience. I had fun doing it. I don’t really draw or color but this made it a very enjoyable experience for me.

I showed my mom the drawing and she really liked it. My dad however doesn’t really like this art because it is associated with gang members. I understand why he doesn’t like it as much and I agree with him. But I also know that graffiti isn’t all used by gang members. I think graffiti is cool when it is painted on walls and alleys and sometimes even stores. It really gives the location more life with all the bright colors and it can also have some meaningful things to the community.

Id 13 – Sustainable Art

  1. I told my girlfriend about the artist that came in and showed us her art. And then I told her about the sustainability art and she told me I should make a boob, as a joke of course, but then I decided to actually try to make one and that was my goal.
  2. I chose to use big rock and then smaller rocks. These are found all over my house because when we first moved here, we removed the cement that we had and made a better floor.
  3. My idea was to see how people react to my idea of a boob, which is a circle with a nipple in the middle. I knew that this was only my representation of it, and in no way is the right way. And I told my girlfriend to look at it and she said not all boobs are a nice circle like that, which I knew and was hoping she would say. So I would say that it was a success.
  4. A kiss should last as long as it lasts.
  5. A great meal lasts as long as you make it last.
  6. A work of art lasts depending on how long you make it last, how long it stays in the memories of people.
  7. A human life should last however God says it will last.
  8. I don’t think a time limit affects the experience unless we don’t really take in that thing or person. If we create fond memories with that person, then we could relive certain experiences, and that will always stay with them.
  9. Of course things like air and clean water should be long lasting, but the reality is that it isn’t long lasting.
  10. One person by themselves, cannot make a huge difference, however, if that person gets a following, then maybe they can. Someone by themselves cannot do much, it takes a big group to do something.

Id 12 – Virtual Art Gallery

Finding art in video games was not hard at all. I have played video games my entire life and I have come to really love the graphics of a video game and love the characters of single-player based games. The games I play are more shooters like call of duty. I would classify the whole series as a piece of art, but I think that there are more artistic games out there, that either the game was made to be so, or the player is able to have fun and make art of their own. Three artists I found are Caleb Parrish, Yoshitaka Amano, and Pewdiepie.  I chose these artists because 2 out of 3 of them are professional video game artists, while the other one is a famous YouTuber, who has fun creating things in Minecraft and other games.

Caleb Parrish is an art director who creates cool looking animated pictures. I chose him simply because his artwork is very aesthetically pleasing. It looks like his art isn’t drawn up in a few minutes but rather it takes a very long time for someone to make. I chose Yoshitaka Amano because he worked on the video game series, Final Fantasy. I chose him because Final Fantasy is a very artsy game. The game looks great and has a lot of detail. The game’s environment cannot be compared to as the game looks very good. There are multiple games that look very good. Games such as “Subnautica”. The game is very great at demonstrating monstrous creatures with vibrant and beautiful colors and designs. Lastly, I chose Pewdiepie because he is an entertainer who just recently got really into Minecraft. He quickly relearned the game and decided to create a giant meatball made out of dirt blocks of course. I chose him because to me, that is art. Having fun and creating random things or anything, in particular, is very creative and takes some thinking. 

I think their art is very important as they are what make the game seem enjoyable for people. Not only are games based on storylines, but rather on the way they look and the way things are shown. They are important in the creation of games and in the exploiting of them. Pewdiepie, for example, used his creative side in order to make a meatball, which was entertaining to watch.

Caleb Parrish
One of his art from his websites
Yoshitaka Amano
Yoshitaka Amanos Art
Meatball Minecraft

Id11 – Vlogging

Please don’t click on it…and if you do, just know I have the power of God and anime on my side….
  1. My video was a fail I would say. My goal was to show people what I do everyday but I ended up not doing that.
  2. I did not accomplish my goal because I had an exam and I studied a lot for my exam on Friday. I also have an exam on Tuesday so I didn’t really vlog because I was more focused on other things.
  3. I would vlog but at my own time when I have something cool and interesting to show people.
  4. If I ever vlog it would be in the future, not anytime soon. I am not in the place i’m in in order to vlog.
  5. One of my favorite youtubers would be David Dobrik. He is a favorite because he is very funny and entertaining to watch.
  6. I like his humor and how crazy some of his videos are since I like the crazy stuff.
  7. His videos aren’t very informative, like learning real life lessons since he is more of a comedic and very experimental type of vlogger. What I do see from his videos are how close he is to his friends. I wanna find friends like that that’ll accept me for me.
  8. Authenticity is creating something from nothing or adding your own ideas to something that has already been done. For example, one can create something original and unique and that is obviously authentic. But if one wants to take their idea and their own idea and combine it then that would also be authentic. However, they cannot and use too much of the original content or else it wouldn’t be authentic since they obviously direct copied from the original.
  9. Performance is self explanatory. It is the act of performing, either whether they are fooling or be true to the people they are performing to. For example, Ellen is a good performance, whether or not she is a good person behind the scenes, she puts on a good show to her audience and is very entertaining.
  10. Authenticity and Performance can exist together. If you are being authentic, you are performing youre ideas. But there are occasions in where you can perform something that isn’t your original idea, but most of the time the performer is able to omit that information that someone else came up with the idea and not you.
  11. Every time I see shows like this I think it’s all scripted and not very original. I think this is the case with every celebrity because they need to make sure that they are not embarrassed in front of live audiences or even say one thing that can ruin their careers.


Idea #10 – Drawing

Cognitive Drawing
Human Spirograph

The first drawing was a pretty good experience just because I thought it was very simple to draw the map of the school. The cognitive map came out pretty good because I have a really good memory and I can remember the shape and positions of certain things. I knew the shape of the campus based off the agenda I used in the first semester and I used it a lot to get around. The first thing I drew was the USU, because that it where I live basically, I spend all day there. I could’ve drawn a better picture, but my campus map is only the places I go to or go near to. The Human Spirograph came out awful. I was thinking of a rubik’s cube and I thought to myself “why not draw that”. I drew a cube but completely colored all over it. It was a fun experience I guess. Im not too much into drawing or coloring cause I never really colored or drew much. But i guess it was fun because it was something Ive never done. It was funny when I opened my eyes and saw what I did. I also got different colors and tried to remember where I placed the colors. The result was not as good as I thought it would be. I thought I did a good job but then I saw the finished product and thats wasn’t a rubik’s cube.

Artist Conversation #4

Artist: Sienna Brown

Exhibition: Product of the Palette

Media: Representational and Abstract Art

Gallery: Family Owned Studio at the Garden Grove


Instagram: @siennabrowneart

This is Sienna Browne’s art gallery. She has a family that owns a studio at Garden Grove, where she will be holding an exclusive art show, showing off all of her work throughout the years. She is a senior at CSULB and she will graduate next semester. She wants to become an art teacher because she feels as if many art teachers now arent as excited about art as they should be. Her art is mostly representational and very personal. However, she has recently started to do and enjoy abstract art. She hopes to one day inspire many kids and help kids express their innermost feelings and ideas. Throughout the years Sienna battled an eating disorder and many other obstacles that heavily impacted her life. She used her art to demonstrate her issues and feelings.

In her art gallery, she is going to have a lot of different types of art made out of and with different things. One of the art pieces she will have up for show is the ‘Ultraviolet Triptych’. This art piece is the one she had the most fun in because the things she used to make it, essentially a glow in the dark paint made it so much fun for her. She painted three eight-foot-tall mixed media paintings that glowed in the dark. The pictures show above show how aesthetically pleasing they look as the colors are very vibrant and colorful. The colors remind me of a scene from Moana when she goes underground with the monsters and everything is super fluorescent. Sienna has always been a very colorful person, meaning that she loves colors and colorful things in general. The colors she enjoys are mostly bright. She stated that colors often associated with surrealism, such as purple, red, yellow, etc. 

Apart from having very colorful and cool looking art, she also has some art that she created when she was going through her eating disorder. When she first showed us the piece she made with the sushi rolls I thought of the eating disorder she mentioned before. She then told us how she created that without having the intent or inspiration from her eating disorder, but rather somewhere in her conscious she used it, without her being aware of it. Some of her art hits very personally to her. She has some art about the food and a piece of a very skinny girl. She has skinny arms and she looks sad. She states these are her style, but not her concrete vision. 

In sum, I really like her art gallery. I think Sienna will become very successful in the future, and if it doesn’t come to that, she will inspire people to use their life to inspire their art, which will inspire others. I admire how open she was to the whole class about her eating disorder and her father passing away. I really like her art because of the intent behind them and for the uniqueness of them. 

Idea 8 – Romantic Pop Song

  1. I took AP Spanish Literature in High School, where I studied Romanticism. The first thing that came to mind was a poem by cuban poet, Jose Maria Heredia. His poem was called “En Una Tempestad” which in English is called “The Hurricane”. I was thinking about the amazingness of nature and how human kind is nowhere near the same level as mother nature.
  2. Writing the song was very hard because I never wrote a song, so I decided to write a very short song, more like of a tune. I started off with a poem with an AABBA rhyme scheme.
  3. It was hard because I am not that creative to write a song.
  4. I don’t think it was successful. I don’t really know how to get my point across when it comes to being creative and philosophical at the same time.
  5. I don’t think I will ever write a song ever again because it’s just not something I enjoyed really. I imagine this would be hard for someone who hasn’t read romantic literature so they wouldn’t have many ideas to go off of.
  6. If I wrote another song, which Im pretty sure I won’t, it would be about gamers because I like to game and I think gamers are midunderstood always if not most of the time.

Artist Conversation #3

Artist: Giselle Daneshmand

Exhibition: Flight PS752 and Flight 655

Media: Concrete, Realism Art

Gallery: LBSU Art Gallery

This is Giselle Daneshmands art piece. Her art piece took up the whole art gallery. Although it does take up the whole gallery, it isn’t a very complicated piece. Giselle is a graduate student and is in the school of sculpture. She hopes to become a sculpture, although she isn’t even too sure about that. Her art piece can be found in the LBSU Art Gallery. Her work consists of concrete tiles laid down on the floor. The tiles were organized in the same way the flight seats were organized. She seemed to be very into her work because when I asked one question she told me a lot. She did a lot of research on Iranian burials and customs. She hopes to one day be a sculptor and show reality in her art with things going on. Her work also consisted of texts which explained everything that happened on the flights and she also had a text where she displayed the names of all the people that passed away on the Ukrainian Flight PS752.

Her art piece is made out of concrete. The concrete is gray like concrete should be, with letters on every single tile. She said that she liked the transparent paper, which is why she chose to write the names of people on the plastic paper. The concrete blocks were evenly spread out. The distance between the tiles was symmetrical. There were huge white painted walls that had the flight numbers painted on them. The concrete can easily be broken because it isn’t big nor thick but they look finely made. The letters look nicely pressed and evenly printed on. The tiles are square and the big walls are rectangles. 

Giselle took her inspiration from within. She wanted to express and demonstrate Iranian culture by making the stones out of concrete. She mentioned a custom with burials and after a certain time period. She said her art represents the 60-day ritual, which is why she made the tiles out of concrete. People get together in order to remember what happened, which is what she intended to do for her art. She wanted to remember what happened with Flight PS752. She wanted to appeal to our emotions by exposing us to a burial tradition and while it might not have been truly emotionally appealing, it did offer us the chance to mourn for the people that were shot down in Iran. 

In sum, I think that she did a very good job of representing the culture of the burials. She wanted to express the idea of how some countries react. Flight 655 was shot down by America in Iranian land, while Flight PS752 was shot down by the Iranian military. I admire how she allowed the viewer to take part in remembering the 170+ people that died on the plane. When I first saw this piece, I was confused and did not understand. When I went out to find the artist I told them if that was the art piece or if they were setting up for something and the person I talked to was the artist and told me it was the art. It seemed confusing but with her explanation, it makes sense what she was doing.