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Id14 – Graffiti

This is my attempt at graffiti art. I really enjoyed it. Im not as creative as others so I didn’t know what else to add to the background. I took some inspiration from the graffiti at the corner of my block. My neighbor painted over the gang tags and drew some cool things about our community. I autographed this because I know people autograph theres which I think is pretty cool. I enjoyed doing the south central one. It just seemed very cool to draw it like that.

I wasn’t going to color my name at first because I really like black and white, but it seemed hard to do it all black and white and make it look cool so I decided to add some color. I added a crown at the top of the I in my name because im a damn king. This was a very pleasant experience. I had fun doing it. I don’t really draw or color but this made it a very enjoyable experience for me.

I showed my mom the drawing and she really liked it. My dad however doesn’t really like this art because it is associated with gang members. I understand why he doesn’t like it as much and I agree with him. But I also know that graffiti isn’t all used by gang members. I think graffiti is cool when it is painted on walls and alleys and sometimes even stores. It really gives the location more life with all the bright colors and it can also have some meaningful things to the community.


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