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Id 13 – Sustainable Art

  1. I told my girlfriend about the artist that came in and showed us her art. And then I told her about the sustainability art and she told me I should make a boob, as a joke of course, but then I decided to actually try to make one and that was my goal.
  2. I chose to use big rock and then smaller rocks. These are found all over my house because when we first moved here, we removed the cement that we had and made a better floor.
  3. My idea was to see how people react to my idea of a boob, which is a circle with a nipple in the middle. I knew that this was only my representation of it, and in no way is the right way. And I told my girlfriend to look at it and she said not all boobs are a nice circle like that, which I knew and was hoping she would say. So I would say that it was a success.
  4. A kiss should last as long as it lasts.
  5. A great meal lasts as long as you make it last.
  6. A work of art lasts depending on how long you make it last, how long it stays in the memories of people.
  7. A human life should last however God says it will last.
  8. I don’t think a time limit affects the experience unless we don’t really take in that thing or person. If we create fond memories with that person, then we could relive certain experiences, and that will always stay with them.
  9. Of course things like air and clean water should be long lasting, but the reality is that it isn’t long lasting.
  10. One person by themselves, cannot make a huge difference, however, if that person gets a following, then maybe they can. Someone by themselves cannot do much, it takes a big group to do something.

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