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Id 12 – Virtual Art Gallery

Finding art in video games was not hard at all. I have played video games my entire life and I have come to really love the graphics of a video game and love the characters of single-player based games. The games I play are more shooters like call of duty. I would classify the whole series as a piece of art, but I think that there are more artistic games out there, that either the game was made to be so, or the player is able to have fun and make art of their own. Three artists I found are Caleb Parrish, Yoshitaka Amano, and Pewdiepie.  I chose these artists because 2 out of 3 of them are professional video game artists, while the other one is a famous YouTuber, who has fun creating things in Minecraft and other games.

Caleb Parrish is an art director who creates cool looking animated pictures. I chose him simply because his artwork is very aesthetically pleasing. It looks like his art isn’t drawn up in a few minutes but rather it takes a very long time for someone to make. I chose Yoshitaka Amano because he worked on the video game series, Final Fantasy. I chose him because Final Fantasy is a very artsy game. The game looks great and has a lot of detail. The game’s environment cannot be compared to as the game looks very good. There are multiple games that look very good. Games such as “Subnautica”. The game is very great at demonstrating monstrous creatures with vibrant and beautiful colors and designs. Lastly, I chose Pewdiepie because he is an entertainer who just recently got really into Minecraft. He quickly relearned the game and decided to create a giant meatball made out of dirt blocks of course. I chose him because to me, that is art. Having fun and creating random things or anything, in particular, is very creative and takes some thinking. 

I think their art is very important as they are what make the game seem enjoyable for people. Not only are games based on storylines, but rather on the way they look and the way things are shown. They are important in the creation of games and in the exploiting of them. Pewdiepie, for example, used his creative side in order to make a meatball, which was entertaining to watch.

Caleb Parrish
One of his art from his websites
Yoshitaka Amano
Yoshitaka Amanos Art
Meatball Minecraft

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