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Id11 – Vlogging

Please don’t click on it…and if you do, just know I have the power of God and anime on my side….
  1. My video was a fail I would say. My goal was to show people what I do everyday but I ended up not doing that.
  2. I did not accomplish my goal because I had an exam and I studied a lot for my exam on Friday. I also have an exam on Tuesday so I didn’t really vlog because I was more focused on other things.
  3. I would vlog but at my own time when I have something cool and interesting to show people.
  4. If I ever vlog it would be in the future, not anytime soon. I am not in the place i’m in in order to vlog.
  5. One of my favorite youtubers would be David Dobrik. He is a favorite because he is very funny and entertaining to watch.
  6. I like his humor and how crazy some of his videos are since I like the crazy stuff.
  7. His videos aren’t very informative, like learning real life lessons since he is more of a comedic and very experimental type of vlogger. What I do see from his videos are how close he is to his friends. I wanna find friends like that that’ll accept me for me.
  8. Authenticity is creating something from nothing or adding your own ideas to something that has already been done. For example, one can create something original and unique and that is obviously authentic. But if one wants to take their idea and their own idea and combine it then that would also be authentic. However, they cannot and use too much of the original content or else it wouldn’t be authentic since they obviously direct copied from the original.
  9. Performance is self explanatory. It is the act of performing, either whether they are fooling or be true to the people they are performing to. For example, Ellen is a good performance, whether or not she is a good person behind the scenes, she puts on a good show to her audience and is very entertaining.
  10. Authenticity and Performance can exist together. If you are being authentic, you are performing youre ideas. But there are occasions in where you can perform something that isn’t your original idea, but most of the time the performer is able to omit that information that someone else came up with the idea and not you.
  11. Every time I see shows like this I think it’s all scripted and not very original. I think this is the case with every celebrity because they need to make sure that they are not embarrassed in front of live audiences or even say one thing that can ruin their careers.



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