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Idea #10 – Drawing

Cognitive Drawing
Human Spirograph

The first drawing was a pretty good experience just because I thought it was very simple to draw the map of the school. The cognitive map came out pretty good because I have a really good memory and I can remember the shape and positions of certain things. I knew the shape of the campus based off the agenda I used in the first semester and I used it a lot to get around. The first thing I drew was the USU, because that it where I live basically, I spend all day there. I could’ve drawn a better picture, but my campus map is only the places I go to or go near to. The Human Spirograph came out awful. I was thinking of a rubik’s cube and I thought to myself “why not draw that”. I drew a cube but completely colored all over it. It was a fun experience I guess. Im not too much into drawing or coloring cause I never really colored or drew much. But i guess it was fun because it was something Ive never done. It was funny when I opened my eyes and saw what I did. I also got different colors and tried to remember where I placed the colors. The result was not as good as I thought it would be. I thought I did a good job but then I saw the finished product and thats wasn’t a rubik’s cube.


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